Our Heritage

We’re so proud to be part of the Michael Hill jewellery house, which has been bringing you contemporary, exceptionally crafted and affordable designs you love to wear for over 40 years.

In fact, we’re named for two very special Hill family women – Sir Michael Hill’s daughter, Emma and his wife, Lady Christine Hill, whose maiden name was Roe.

We’re even more excited to showcase the next generation of genuinely charming, exquisitely made jewellery designed by you in our beautifully bespoke boutiques and Michael Hill stores.

We believe great jewellery should be the ultimate expression of life’s most precious moments. It starts conversations; it gets you noticed. And what better way to make a meaningful statement than to style your own looks your way?

Our interactive shopping experience invites you to do just that. You’ll find everything you need to layer, mix and match hand finished, exceptionally made charm bracelets that speak volumes about who you are, where you’ve come from and the extraordinary things you want to do tomorrow.

About Michael Hill

Since 1979, visionary New Zealand entrepreneur Sir Michael Hill’s revolutionary new take on the jewellery industry has attracted a devoted following amongst style leaders and contemporary jewellery lovers New Zealand and Australia-wide.

In 2002, the brand expanded into Canada taking Michael Hill’s exceptional designs to the world stage. Today, Hill’s continued dedication to superb design and in-house craftsmanship delivers stunning, accessible collections from only the very finest materials – created with the world’s most fashionable, beautiful people in mind.