How To: Three Ways to Design Your Bracelet

Three Ways to Style Your Bracelet


Start with a single feature charm. Build you design out by adding pairs of the same charm either side. This simple yet effective design method will give you a symmetrical style that is hard to get wrong!


As above, start with a single feature charm. Build your design out using a further 5 or more charms to create a feature block that you can repeat around the bracelet multiple times. Although this design style includes some repetition of charms, editing down to an individual mix of styles, colours & textures will ensure your look is as individual as you are.


At Emma & Roe by Michael Hill, we believe every person is unique and our charms, bracelets and jewellery allow every person to express who they are through pieces that make every day worth celebrating. Create your own individual, unique design and style by choosing the pieces that best reflect who you are today – where you came from, and where you are going. You may know our best designer – it’s you.