How To: Stack Rings

If you’re keen on the stack ring trend, but aren’t sure where to start – you’ve come to the right place! From those first pieces you build your stack around, to curating a collection that lets you reinvent your look every day, our easy-to-follow tips are here to set you up for success.
The best (and easiest!) way to start a stack is with three rings. Pair a couple of simple bands with a bigger gemstone piece and badda-bing badda-boom you’ve got yourself a stack!

Start with a plain sterling silver band first + Add a bold gemstone piece in your favourite colour + Finish with another plain band, or choose a coloured piece in a similar hue

Once you have your foundation, it’s super simple to keep building on the look. Add more rings; one at a time, until you’re happy!

Add another layer or two to your original stack + Don’t be afraid to spread out the look by adding rings to other fingers

Once you’ve got your first stack down-pat, it’s easy to build on your collection from there. Our best advice? Go crazy! Mix in new colours, styles and textures to create something truly bespoke.

And don’t forget, the more rings you own, the more opportunities you’ll have to reinvent your look when inspiration strikes.

Now you’ve learned the basics, there’s just one more thing you need to keep in mind: a perfectly curated stack is all about expressing your unique style – just like a charm bracelet. From your choice of colour, to the shapes and styles you decide to include, each piece should reflect you.

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