Make Murano Glass Part Of Your Story

Whether you’re creating a fashion-forward look, or building a bracelet around cherished memories, colour is such an important part of telling your style story.

From cool blues, to vivid reds and multi-coloured masterpieces, our Murano glass charms offer something to reflect who you are today, and who you want to be tomorrow. And just like you, each piece has a story to tell.

The history of Murano glass begun in 1291: skilled artisans of the island of Murano, just off the shore of Venice, created the techniques of crafting the enamelled glass (smalto) and multi-coloured glass (millefiori) into beautiful jewellery. Today, Emma & Roe’s exquisite range of Murano glass charms are created in the age-old tradition using techniques that are centuries old.

Each one is expertly hand crafted, so that no two are the same, using a lampworking technique that uses a gas fuelled torch to melt rods and tubes of clear and coloured glass. Once in a molten state, the glass is formed by blowing and shaping with tools and hand movements.

Skilled glass workers have a short window of time to mould it as it passes from a liquid in to a solid state. The soft glass can be mixed with different powders directly in the oven or during the glassblowing process, affecting transparency, colours and stiffness.

Make Murano glass part of your story - available instore or online, exclusively at Emma & Roe.

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