• Our Craftsmanship

    We think your special moments should last forever. That’s why we pay attention to the finer details when creating our remarkable charm collection. Read more

  • Our Difference

    At Emma & Roe, we’ve got your back. From our carefully sourced range to our cutting-edge stylists, our quality and commitment to the best never wavers. Read more

  • Our Heritage

    We’re so proud to be part of the Michael Hill jewellery house, which has been bringing you contemporary, exceptionally crafted and affordable designs you love to wear for over 30 years. Read more

  • Our Story

    We know there’s never been anyone quite like you – you’re one of a kind. And we’d love to help you tell your story. That’s why we created the Emma & Roe charm collection – so you can wear your world on your sleeve for everyone to see. Read more