• How To: Three Ways to Design Your Bracelet

    Whether your a charm styling novice, an advanced stylist, or an expert, we'll teach you the best ways to design a charm bracelet. Read more

  • How To: Build A Charm Bracelet

    Designing your own charm bracelet is so much fun – all you need to do is choose the options that mean the most to you. Plus, you can add or change your charms to reflect where you are now and where you’re heading tomorrow. Read more

  • Back To Basics: Charms 101

    In practice, building your perfect bracelet is as easy as one, two, three! But before you dive into designing, it pays to take a step back and examine all the different elements you can use to create your perfect bracelet. Read more

  • Arm Yourself: Choosing Your Bracelet

    With so many options, it can be hard to settle on just one charm bracelet. So with that in mind, here’s a roundup of our bracelet styles, plus some styling tips to get you going! Read more

  • The Enamel Collection

    Bring your style to life with our whimsical collection of enamel charms - perfect for creating a look that is uniquely you. Read more

  • Essential Foundation: Bracelet, Safety Chain & Stoppers

    The importance of a good foundation cannot be underestimated! At Emma & Roe, the key to a good foundation is a charm bracelet, safety chain & 2 stoppers. Read more

  • Gifting

    The versatility, craftsmanship and fun of building your own charm bracelet, is something to be enjoyed over a lifetime - but charm bracelets & accessories can also make for a wonderful gift! Read more

  • Know Your Birthstone

    What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a birthstone charm? Emma & Roe by Michael Hill has a selection of colourful cubic zirconia birthstone charms for you to add to your collection – each with its very own special meaning. Read more

  • Introducing Leather With Attitude

    Discover the all new Wild Hearts Collection. Channel your inner rock star and stand out from the crowd with this bold new collection of modern and edgy leather wrap bracelets and charms - designed for those wild at heart. Read more

  • Make Murano Glass Part Of Your Story

    Whether you’re creating a fashion-forward look, or building a bracelet around cherished memories, colour is such an important part of telling your style story. Read more

  • Our Craftsmanship

    We think your special moments should last forever. That’s why we pay attention to the finer details when creating our remarkable charm collection. Read more

  • Our Difference

    At Emma & Roe, we’ve got your back. From our carefully sourced range to our cutting-edge stylists, our quality and commitment to the best never wavers. Read more

  • Our Heritage

    We’re so proud to be part of the Michael Hill jewellery house, which has been bringing you contemporary, exceptionally crafted and affordable designs you love to wear for over 30 years. Read more

  • Our Story

    We know there’s never been anyone quite like you – you’re one of a kind. And we’d love to help you tell your story. That’s why we created the Emma & Roe charm collection – so you can wear your world on your sleeve for everyone to see. Read more

  • How To: Style Rice Chains

    Are you looking for a more ways to wear your favourite charms? Our super chic & versatile Sterling silver rice chains might just be what you’re looking for. Read more

  • Size Guide

    Find out your perfect size for our Stack Rings and Charm Bracelets. Read more

  • How To: Stack Rings

    If you’re keen on the stack ring trend, but aren’t sure where to start – you’ve come to the right place! From those first pieces you build your stack around, to curating a collection that lets you reinvent your look every day, our easy-to-follow tips are here to set you up for success. Read more

  • How To: Style Wild Hearts

    Adding some rock to your roll has never been easier than with Emma & Roe’s exclusive Wild Hearts Collection. A whole new way to express your unique style, this edgy collection is all about creating a look, not filling a bracelet. Read more

  • You Complete Me: Charm Accessories

    Creating your own bespoke look doesn’t stop with charms! At Emma & Roe, we offer chains, pendants and earrings – all with room to add your favourite charms to create something new, and uniquely you. Read more

  • Stack Ring Lookbook

    Be inspired to design your own unique layered looks with these loveable stacks, styled just for you! Read more